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Jennifer Lopez Rateike

Fine Artist & Intuitive Art teacher


I am a Mexican born artist based in London. My art practice is influenced by intuitive art, the natural elements, alchemy and psychology, the uncanny and the remote. Drawing from the surreal and ritualistic roots of my Mexican cultural heritage, I aim to evoke a dreamy mental space of reflection. My work aims to bring together the imperceptible, the material and the ephemeral.

I graduated from Chelsea College of Arts with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and a few years later I decided to follow and fully embrace my Intuitive Art path. I came across amazing human beings and teachers and eventually became a Certified Intuitive Artist by the Intuitive Art Academy and I am also a Certified Colour Therapist by the SNHS. I run workshops to share with people the wonderful and multidimensional world of Intuitive Art – by tapping into your 5d vibration you can create your greatest masterpiece, your life!